This site is dedicated to the cause of promoting civil society initiatives for ensuring citizen friendly operationalization of J&K Right to Information Act 2009 in general and of facilitating the formulation of appropriate Rules under the Act in J&K in particular.

This site has been lunched by Youth Parliament of J&K, an international Youth Organization based in J&K and individuals committed to the cause of protecting civil and human rights of disadvantaged and marginalized sections of population.

About YPJK's stand on RTI

Youth Parliament of Jammu and Kashmir stands there in the middle of a battle field. People from different stratas and calibers come and pass by. Different ideologies surface day in and day out at the precipice of social podium. Youth Parliament of J&K shoulders all such ideologies and embraces all such calibers with a smile.

Right to Information is something Youth Parliament of J&K has fought for since its inception. We have actively participated in seminars, conferences and decision making processes. We have tried our best to place RTI in front of our people in an unadulterated form. Youth Parliament of J&K does not only strive for RTI's proper implementation but for its judicial execution and utility as well.

All the members of our organization play active part in RTI be it in Jammu or Kashmir. We fight against injustice, against corruption, against human rights violations. We leave no stone unturned in achieving the proper and logical results. Our toil doesn't end with one success. But when one assignment is culminated another is ready in the pipeline.